Last Updated: October 13, 2015, 8:09 pm

Keno Basics: Making a Top/Bottom Ticket

There are many kinds of keno tickets that you may choose to play. The most obvious and simplest ones are the straight tickets and 20 spot tickets. That is simply because all you have to do is mark your desired numbers to bet on. These tickets are the ones that really resemble a lottery. However, there are other tickets you can play to add variety and opportunity while you play.

One of the other variants of these tickets is called the top/bottom ticket. We'll go over how to make a top/bottom ticket and the conditions that go with it for you to win. During your next keno session, you may try making this ticket to add a certain twist in the game and see how lucky can you get with it.

Let's go over the steps to make a top/bottom ticket. You'll notice that your keno ticket will have its numbers in two grids or boxes. These grids or boxes actually divide your keno ticket into two parts. You'll find the first 40 numbers on your keno ticket on the upper half and the next 40 numbers on the lower half of the ticket.

Of course, this arrangement of the numbers on your ticket has a purpose to it. You can bet on either half of the group of numbers for a particular draw. Since the numbers are arranged on either the top or bottom of the keno ticket, marking either half of the ticket will make your top/bottom ticket. You're actually betting that the numbers drawn will be on either the top half or bottom half of the ticket.

The first step in making a top/bottom ticket is to write down how much of a wager you're making. Write it down on the space provided for it, usually on the upper right corner. Notice that you will find a space in between the two boxes that envelop the groups of numbers. Draw a straight line along that space thus dividing your keno ticket. Write a huge 'T' on the first group of 40 numbers, the top half, if you are betting on them. If you are placing your bet on the bottom 40 then write a huge 'B' on the numbers at the bottom half.

You then take your ticket to the keno booth and pay out your bet. If you hit at least 11 numbers in that particular draw your top/bottom ticket wins and it pays you two to one. Each number exceeding the first 11 hits adds to your winnings for this keno ticket. That's how simple a top/bottom ticket is made. You can make this ticket every now and then when you play keno just to spice up you game and tempt lady luck.